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2015 Nov 30 - UC Point launches new network analysis product

New 24/7 network service from UC Point improves audio and video quality during Skype for Business calls

  • Pinpoint sources of interference and disturbance
  • Easy install, usage and administration

Cologne, November 30th, 2015. UC Point, award-winning provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration Services introduces their new service. UCP DNA365 provides continuous network analysis for real-time communications and Enterprise Voice environments, such as Skype for Business. The vendor independent measurement procedure identifies leading reasons for poor user experience during Skype for Business calls. This helps customers permanently improve the quality of audio/video calls and conferences, thereby increasing their end user satisfaction.

According to a leading industry study from Statista (June 2015) 70 to 75 per cent of VoIP quality issues are rooted in the IP network and not in the communication services themselves. UC Point gets to the bottom of it: UCP DNA365 uncovers leading reasons for poor network performance so customers can increase the overall quality of their Skype for Business communications. The plug and play installation is easy to complete and takes only three minutes. Immediately thereafter the measurements can begin during normal business operations to capture the actual usage and performance in regards to audio, video, and conferencing quality. However, personal information or payload is not recorded.

Comparable VoIP measurements may use vague quality metrics, such as Mean Opinion Score (MOS), that are insufficient in providing a definite root cause analysis. Our UCP DNA365, however, is a highly precise measurement procedure with the following features:

  • VoIP vendor-independent forensic measurement procedure
  • Root cause indication to identify and isolate the source of interference
  • Round trip delay and end-to-end measurement of jitter and delay
  • Unique “4-dimensional” analysis von RTP streams
  • Validation of bandwidth utilization and prioritization of IP packets

Because the network measurements occur around the clock the customer can retrieve detailed reports of identified performance issues at any time. The detailed reporting additionally includes a description of the source of interference, a root cause analysis, as well as, a categorization into business critical or non-business critical impact.

“We developed UCP DNA365 to optimize our customer’s VoIP infrastructure and track the health of their core network services around the clock – 365. This continuous health check allows us to unerringly identify sources of interference and prevent outages.” According to Markus P. Keller, Founder and CEO of UC Point, “UCP DNA365 has an easy installation, usage, and administration. This allows us to support IT Managers while also increasing performance and end user satisfaction.”

About UC Point

UC Point, founded in 1998, is a leading provider of global Unified Communications & Collaboration services. The holistic service offerings include managed services, as well as, dedicated offerings such as network analysis, Skype for Business roll out support, and worldwide 24/7 premier support. UC Point’s own remote troubleshooting and maintenance tool, Remote Appliance, is recognized as one of the best Unified Communications solutions honored with the IT Innovation Award 2015. In 2012, UC Point was elected as the first worldwide Microsoft „Global Premier Support Lync Partner“. Three years later, the company is still considered an elite Microsoft Gold Communications and Cloud-Partner recognized as High Potential Partner for Skype for Business. Today, UC Point has become a market leader for Skype for Business and Enterprise Voice with a customer base in over 50 countries. For further information, please visit or follow us on Twitter.