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2015 Jul 22 - UC Point with new UCC monitoring product

UC Point is introducing latest version of remote UCC appliance

  • UCP RAP BA can be deployed in less than 5 minutes
  • Perfect for customer sites with limited external internet access

Cologne, July 22nd 2015. UC Point, pioneer and distinguished provider of global Unified Communications & Collaboration services, is introducing a new compact version of their award-winning remote UCC appliance: The UCP RAP Branch Appliance (UCP RAP BA) is the perfect solution for customer sites with limited external internet access or sites with strict data encryption policies. In addition, the UCP RAP BA enables remote “agentless” monitoring of Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs) without absorbing valuable processing power of the SBA.

UC Point is introducing the latest version of their award-winning remote UCC monitoring and troubleshooting tool UCP Remote Appliance (UCP RAP). The UCP RAP Branch Appliance (UCP RAP BA) is roughly the size of a modem and allows remote monitoring, proactive alerting, and troubleshooting of VoIP equipment such as Media Gateways, Session Boarder Controller (SBCs) und Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs). It takes less than 5 minutes to deploy the pre-configured device and connect it at the local customer site. An onsite external service technician is not required.

The newest member of the UCP RAP family has distinct features, including: highest security standards, passive cooling for deployment at smaller customer sites or sites without a dedicated server room, and extended product life span. In addition, the new compact UCP RAP BA features a secure Linux operating system where unnecessary Linux operations have been deactivated. Moreover, UC Point has omitted the VPN interface to enable customers operating internationally to import and deploy the UCP RAP BA in countries with strict data encryption policies, such as Russia, China, as well as, Arabic countries.

The successful monitoring of a unified communications environment requires the placement of a central UCP RAP in the customer’s datacenter along with the deployment of UCP RAP BAs at regional sites. The UCP RAP BA aggregates key health indicators from within the customer’s network (intranet) and transmits them to the central UCP RAP where the monitoring data is encrypted and interfaced to the UC Point data center. This ensures secure and compliant UCC monitoring with around-the-clock proactive alerting, remote troubleshooting, and disaster recovery by a certified UC-Specialist in the event of outage.

Image: Front and back view of the new compact UCP RAP BA

Source: UC Point

About UC Point

Founded in 1998, UC Point quickly developed as an award-winning provider for global Unified Communications & Collaborations Services. The services offered cover both managed services, as well as, worldwide 24/7 premier support. UC Point’s Remote Appliance for monitoring and troubleshooting of Media Gateways, SBAs, and SBCs, was recently honored with the IT –Innovation Award as one of the best UC Solutions in 2015. Since the very beginning, UC Point has focused on companies with multiple locations and on those operating internationally who are using Skype for Business (former MS Lync). As a result, in 2012 the company was the first Microsoft partner worldwide to be recognized “Global Premier Support Partner”. Today, UC Point has become a market leader by supporting Skype for Business and Enterprise Voice customers in over 50 countries. For further information, please visit or follow us on Twitter.