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2014 Aug 13 - UC Point's New Version of Remote Appliance

UC Point Introduces New Version of Remote Appliance Product

  • RAP 3.0 minimizes the downtime of media gateways, Lync SBAs and SBCs
  • New features’ highlight: Daily backup of the SBC configuration

Cologne, August 13th, 2014. UC Point, the leading service provider for everything relating to Microsoft Lync, is launching the third generation of their remote appliance tool. The new product version, named RAP 3.0, offers extra flexibility to those customers who have the highest requirements for their global Lync support service. New functions such as configuration backup can limit the downtime to a minimum of a few minutes. Moreover, money is saved because, thanks to the advanced remote access, travel expenses for external technicians are no longer incurred.

UC Point is launching the third version of their remote appliance tool (a.k.a.: RAP 3.0). The specialist for global Lync services is thereby accommodating the wishes of many customers who are increasingly asking for managed services. Thanks to the optimized RAP 3.0, a Lync specialist is no longer required on-site. That means that a company can source the full service package from UC Point – from the installation of a Lync environment to proactive monitoring to disaster recovery, including replacement after a failure. After the implementation of RAP, all of these services are possible easily and quickly via remote access.

The new version of UC Point’s RAP has seven new features in total:

  • Daily backup of the SBC or media gateway configuration
  • Local monitoring with compilation of statistics
  • Serial connections possible via DB-9 and USB
  • Remote control of the local Priority Plus components via HA adapter
  • Locale software repository for flexible and quick support
  • Web-based basic configuration
  • VPN connection into the NOC for 24/7 surveillance

The highlight of these new features is the daily configuration backup of the Session Border Controllers (SBC) or the media gateway. When the “translators” in the data traffic malfunction, then every minute counts when restoring the connection or replacing equipment. Thanks to the configuration backup, considerable time is won as it is not necessary to send a field technician to the site to rebuild the configuration of the SBC or the media gateway. A highly secure tunnel enables the serial connection between RAP and SBC or a media gateway to exchange encrypted data between the customer’s premises and UC Point at all times.

If the SBC or the media gateway no longer function and the company concerned has an HA adapter from UC Point, then even the waiting period for the arrival of the replacement equipment is eliminated. It is already on-site and connected on cold standby to the active SBC or media gateway via the HA adapter. Thanks to RAP 3.0, a specialist from UC Point can react within a few minutes, switch over to the backup unit and recover the previous configuration. The advantage lies not only in the tremendous amount of time saved, but also in the minimization of travel and transport costs as well as customs duty.

Photo: Third generation of UC Point’s Remote Appliance (RAP 3.0)
Source: UC Point

Drawing: RAP 3.0 together with an HA adapter minimizes Lync downtime
Source: UC Point

About UC Point

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