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2014 Apr 30 - UC Point launching Network Analysis

UC Point is launching network analysis for Lync environments

  • Vendor-independent measurement and analysis procedure probes the underlying causes of VoIP quality issues
  • Deloitte optimizes network environment following UC Point’s evaluation

Cologne, April 30th, 2014. UC Point, the market leader for worldwide support services pertaining to Microsoft Lync – has supplemented their product and service portfolio with a dynamic network analysis for Lync environments. This new measurement procedure is interesting for both those companies which want to change their communication to Lync as well as for those who are already using these Unified Communications solutions from Microsoft. The evaluation of all quality issues includes, among other things, a legally appropriable preservation of evidence since the procedure has been classified in lieu of an oath.

UC Point has a new service in their product portfolio: A Dynamic Network Analysis (UCP DNA) for Lync environments. This is a vendor-independent measurement and analysis procedure. It helps companies to check their readiness to use Microsoft Lync as well as to detect the causes for loss of quality when using VoIP and video technology.

This testing is run during normal business operations in order to record actual user behavior regarding audio, video, and teleconference. UC Point places certified UCP components at multiple strategic network locations within the customer’s network. During two to three weeks of monitoring, only the RTP Data & VoIP network streams without payloads are recorded at these measurement points. UC Point then removes the UCP components and evaluates the performance data.

The client then receives a detailed report of all disturbance sources found, including preservation of evidence in the form of a proof analysis. In addition to that, the report also includes a description of the VoIP quality issues and their impact, a root cause analysis and problem classification into categories such as business critical, etc.

Timm Riesenberg, Manager of Information Services & Technology Advisory at Deloitte, has described his experience with UC Point’s new service product: “Deloitte is continually trying to improve their Lync users’ know-how. Our employees require fully-developed solutions that allow them to work from anywhere and to be able to network, whether they’re in their work environment or not. UC Point’s Dynamic Network Analysis for Lync environments with VoIP measurements has helped Deloitte to understand and optimize their networks. Now we can discuss the results, from a neutral and external perspective, with our WAN, SIP and ISDN trunk providers and begin with the optimization process.”

About UC Point

Founded in 1998, the company quickly developed as a leading provider for global Lync services. The services offered cover both managed services as well as worldwide 24/7 premier support. From the very beginning, UC Point has focused on companies with various locations and on those operating internationally who are using Microsoft Lync. As a result, in 2012 the company was the first Microsoft partner worldwide to be given the title “Global Lync Premier Support Partner”. Today, UC Point has become the market leader by supporting Lync and Enterprise Voice customers in over 50 countries. For further information, please visit