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2017 May 23 - UC Point launches new bot services

Maximum productivity and efficiency in first-level support: UC Point launches bot development & programming services

  • Development & programming of intelligent bots to support enterprise service helpdesk as a "User Entry Portal"
  • Easy integration into a web page as a chat entry and application with Skype / Skype for Business and Cortana
  • Accumulation of all available knowledge resources for immediate self-help
  • Continuous development and improvement of the bots due to self-learning algorithms and cognitive services
  • Return-on-Investment within very short time

Cologne, May 23rd, 2017. UC Point, leading provider of global Unified Communications & Collaboration Services, is expanding its extensive offerings by launching new bot development & programming services. With robotics based on artificial intelligence, companies will be able to support their customer support or internal helpdesk and re-structure all communications and business processes. As an entry point of contact, the web chatbot provides reliable answers to first-level inquiries with little effort and aggregates available knowledge resources. Users can not only help themselves, but can also access all internal support documents. This increases productivity and helps to free-up time for IT support and to reduce costs in the long term.

"Many companies already have a number of documents, articles, and manuals at hand that can easily help answer inquiries with little effort. Nevertheless, employees and customers often turn directly to a personal contact, because they do not know exactly where they can find such documents," explains Markus P. Keller, CEO and founder of UC Point. The result: Even with easy-to-manage inquiries, which can easily be answered from readily available information, an IT support request is activated and the ticketing process is triggered regardless of the complexity of the request.

Smart bots can help; especially when used for first-level customer support. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has proven to be very successful in bringing together available knowledge resources at an entry point of contact, thereby reducing the workload for IT support yet still providing fast, reliable answers. Based on the Microsoft Bot framework, UC Point develops corresponding bots, which are connected as a "first stop" to the helpdesk and support users to quickly solve problems whilst helping to complete queries as quickly as possible without having to enter the ticketing process.

"Today customers and employees expect immediate help and answers. Companies have to cope with this change and not only provide quick answers, but also qualitative input," adds Keller. Bots can easily be used and integrated into the channels that already exist and are being used by users, for example in a website, or in parts of Office 365, e.g. Microsoft teams using Skype for Business as a communications platform. "The advantage for users is obvious: they can start their communication directly from the channel in which they are already located," says Markus P. Keller. They will stay in a familiar environment. This is an important point, which ensures rapid acceptance of the new technology as well as high satisfaction.

For enterprises, there are plenty advantages to use a bot. The better qualification of first-level inquiries reduces the overall workload because fewer tickets have to be created and IT support and help desk have more capacities for complex questions. In addition, the costs for the planning, implementation and use of bots are amortized within very short time.

UC Point offers interested companies not only the technology, but also supports them in the crucial points before, including planning the concept of bot integration and processes and defining where the future bot is used, whom it serves and which content should be integrated. "We develop tailored solutions built on our customer`s need and environment. This includes, for example, business process analysis in the helpdesk. Here we look closely at the systems used, because a bot must be able to transfer a first-level request that cannot be answered directly to the next support level. For that, we need to program interfaces to the existing ticket system,” adds Markus P. Keller.

However, a working bot does not end with programming and commissioning. "Thanks to the self-learning algorithms and cognitive services, a bot continually improves the quality of responses and learns consistently through questions, formulations, and typing errors." UC Point provides a full-scale service from a single source, from planning through implementation to optimization and improving existing bots.

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