2017 Aug 10 - UC Point starts operations in Latin America

UC Point is expanding its international business and starting official operations in Mexico. The location, which was previously one of the hubs to provide global customer support, has now become an independent company. The newly founded "UC Point S. de R.L. de C.V.” bundles all sales and service activities in Mexico. read more

2017 May 23 - UC Point launches new bot services

UC Point is expanding its extensive offerings by launching new bot development & programming services. With robotics based on artificial intelligence, companies will be able to support their customer support or internal helpdesk and re-structure all communications and business processes. read more

2017 Mar 22 - UC Point wins new award

UC Point has received the IT Innovation award for the third consecutive year and has once again distinguished themselves in the category „Communication“ with the new interoperability solution UC-Interop. read more