Essential Microsoft Office 365 Tools for Successful Communication & Seamless Collaboration

Custom-fit team work – regardless of time or place

Custom-fit team work – regardless of time or place

150 times – this is how often today`s office workers are checking their smartphones each day. Did you know that up to 28 % of that is spent on reading and replying to e-mails? Mobile working has become more and more significant whereas classic operations are at a dead-end. In fact, modern workplace concepts are moving in and virtual collaboration is growing rapidly among the workforce.

Whether on the road, at home, or in the office employees need to be able to easily connect and network using their communication platforms. This means not only being able to read e-mails from anywhere and at any time, but also attend meetings, as well as, edit, share and download documents anytime from any device. Coined as "the workplace of the future", agile tools provide the necessary integration and flexibility to remain productive on the road. With Office 365, Microsoft offers a full-feature tool kit that bundles productivity tools for a structured workday - more precisely, a combination of cloud services and applications for effective communication and collaboration.

Never Miss an Email or Appointment Again

However, it`s all about finding the perfect mix! With Office 365 it has never been easier to increase productivity and stay connected with any device. This new kind of office collaboration is supported by a multitude of familiar office applications, which can be used both on- and offline.

This is why Office 365 should not be missing in any company! Let us introduce you to some selected Office 365-aides that you shouldn’t be missing when you’re busy communicating and collaborating!

Never Miss an Email or Appointment Again

When it comes to organizing all your communications, including e-mails, appointments, contacts and tasks Office 365 is the best office-aide to fit your needs.

Outlook is your essential partner:

  • Easily structure and organize your correspondence, sort and filter your e-mails based on relevance and simply assign responsibilities and colors.
  • You can also add your teams to the Group Inbox and Group Calendar.
  • Add additional group members to relevant teams in just a few clicks.
  • Even uploading files to the cloud has never been easier.


Exchange ensures direct access to all your data and correspondences:

  • Maximum security thanks to reliable spam and virus protection as well as encrypted data transmission.
  • Use the web-based communication system to access all of your important emails, calendar entries, tasks and groups on- and offline.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Create & Process Data in Real-Time

Say goodbye to countless email attachments and start using web applications from Office 365 to collaborate in real-time with your colleagues.

  • Your edits in Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents are immediately visible and easy to trace for you and your teams.
  • Save your work directly in the cloud with the virtual collaboration tool, SharePoint. In SharePoint none of your attachments get lost and everything can be stored, synchronized, and shared with other people in- and even outside your organization.
  • The handy SharePoint app also provides access to all of your important files on the go.

Successfully Collaborate in Teams

Employees working together across various locations need a common "virtual" meeting point. For this, Office 365 has several intelligent applications to offer.

  • OneDrive provides the most important infrastructure so you can access your content from any device.
  • With SharePoint Team Sites, you can easily build your own chat-based workspace to organize, control, and manage collaboration with your team members.
  • Bundle frequently-used applications and documents on your Office 365 team website and connect them to your Outlook to communicate directly and send messages.
  • Use your corporate social network Yammer to build up an internal knowledge base to discuss current projects and trends and establish a continuous, direct communication structure.

OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer

Office To Go – Audio & Video Conferencing from One Hand

Online meetings, audio or video conferencing – bringing together all of your team members can be very challenging, especially when you’re not all working at the same location.

For this, Skype for Business is the ideal platform for communication and collaboration to build on.

  • Connect with Skype for Business and make phone calls and attend video conferences.
  • Organize your office day (for instance with presence notification and call forwarding). Streamline your communications and reduce travel costs, hardware components, and enjoy a full range of telephone and conference features.
  • If you are on the road for a while, Skype-to-Go will bring you all the functionality on your smartphone.

Get to know Microsoft Office 365’s agility and flexibility and kick up your communication and collaboration a notch!