Microsoft Teams -

One central Dashboard for your Teamwork

Common office demands in the workplace today increasingly challenge modern employees to network, share, and collaborate productively and efficiently across locations and devices. Modern and successful teamwork requires a lot - direct access to information, for example, or the smoothest and most accessible exchange between each other. However, even with the variety of office tools and business applications available today, when different systems are used (for example, for chats, audio and video meetings, file creation or the exchange of content), teamwork is often made unnecessarily difficult.

Microsoft Teams is core to Microsoft`s vision for intelligent communications—bringing together conversations, meetings, files, Office apps, and third-party integrations—to provide a single dashboard for teamwork in Office 365. Within a single pane, users can directly access all Office 365 key applications to better communicate and collaborate, such as:

Share Calendar & Schedule Meetings with Outlook

Create Content with OneNote or Word

Edit & Find with SharePoint & OneDrive

Presence, Calls & Chats, Share Desktop Content with Team Members

  • One central dashboard for efficient collaboration & communication
  • Integrated Office 365 experiences
  • Tailored to your needs through APIs and bot frameworks
  • Enterprise security & compliance
  • No extra cost for Office 365 users

The Future of Business Meetings & Team Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the new platform for modern communication and collaboration. Through teams, users can bundle and manage their contacts, content, meetings, and tools for different projects and tasks within an organization on one central platform, incl. file sharing, Enterprise Voice and video conferencing.

Messaging, Calls & Conferencing

  • Communicate with all your team members via chat, audio and video conferencing
  • Engage in private or smaller group conversation
  • Schedule Skype for Business meetings and direct conference participation via HD video, or VoIP
  • Share your files and desktop
  • Record content
  • Specify a dedicated phone number for incoming & outgoing calls
  • Use professional phone features such as VoIP, call divert, auto attendant and emergency calls

Office 365 Integration

  • Access all major Office 365 features directly from teams
  • Access conversations, files, and tools available within a workspace (such as Sharepoint, OneNote, Planner)
  • Edit documents directly in teams
  • Engage in dynamic communication thanks to built-in chat, audio and video features
  • Use smart search for contacts, files and chats via the Microsoft Graph

Easy to Use & Tailored to Your Needs

  • Find key cloud services, data and favorite applications always at your fingertips
  • Create individual team channels around tasks and topics
  • Pin frequently used files and websites
  • Benefit from integration of bot programs & additional BI applications

Highest Security & Compliance Standards

  • Supports a wide range of compliance standards, eDiscovery
  • Compliant with legal retention requirements for channels, chats and files
  • Encrypted data storage & transmission
  • Multi-level authentication for improved identity protection

Future Development of Skype for Business Online: Increase your Productivity with new Skype for Business capabilities brought to Microsoft Teams!

With Teams, Microsoft is paving the way to transition from Unified Communications to Intelligent Communications (IC) by making Microsoft Teams THE “hub for teamwork” within Office 365 and the core communications client for Office 365 customers. According to Microsoft, this facet of the modern workplace is being built on a new, modern Skype infrastructure for enterprise-grade voice and video communications providing both speed of innovation and higher quality communication experiences. In the near future, we will see Teams evolve as the primary client for intelligent communications in Office 365, replacing the current Skype for Business client over time.

We at UC Point can help you to better understand Microsoft`s new vision of Intelligent Communications, as well as, how to correctly implement and manage Microsoft Teams with Skype for Business. Whether you are already using Office 365 and looking for more efficient and productive meeting experiences, or you just started thinking about creating your own modern workplace, our trusted consulting and managed services will support you right from the start!

To learn more about Teams and Skype for Business, take a look at our FAQ. If you need more answers to your questions, we will be happy to assist you!