Skype for Business FAQ


Skype for Business FAQ - Skype vs Skype for Business

Are Skype for Business users able to contact Skype users with full functionality?

Skype for Business users are able to use IM/chat, audio, and video to communicate with users of Skype consumer clients. Skype for Business users can also invite anyone, including Skype consumer client users, to join a Skype for Business meeting using a browser.

Which functionality isn’t available in communication between Skype for Business users and Skype users?

Skype users aren’t able to see shared screens and join multi-party meetings.

Will I be able to merge my Skype for Business and Skype log in and password?

No. Skype and Skype for Business are two separate offerings with different user IDs and passwords.

Will users of Skype consumer clients have access to the same features as Skype for Business users?

No. Skype consumer clients will maintain the same communications calling capabilities that they have today, but will not have access to the full Lync feature set available in Skype for Business. In addition, Skype consumer clients do not provide administrators with the security, compliance, and control features available to enterprises who use Skype for Business.

How will a user know if they are using Skype or Skype for Business?

While the Skype and Skype for Business clients share a common look and feel, they remain two separate clients with distinct branding and feature sets.