Skype for Business FAQ


Skype for Business FAQ - Product & Service Details

What are the new Skype for Business Server features?

The Skype for Business Server has significant availability, manageability, and functional
enhancements over Lync Server 2013. It will include the full Lync Server 2013 feature support,
• SQL Server Always On support
• Native video interoperability service for select Cisco Tandberg VTCs
• Call via work for PBX phone interoperability
• Improved support for hybrid scenarios with Office 365 including future auditorium style meetings

Microsoft has also made upgrading to Skype for Business Server from Lync Server 2013 easy, with no additional server hardware requirements.

Will Skype for Business work with Windows 10?

Yes, once Windows 10 is released.

How can enterprises obtain the new client?

Enterprises simply need to buy or have rights to one of the Office plans that include Skype for Business.

Is there a new Skype for Business mobile app?

Yes, new Skype for Business mobile applications are available on iOS and Android.

Will government entities be able to monitor communications in Skype for Business?

Microsoft follows clear principles and policies in responding to government legal demands for customer data. Microsoft will continue to evaluate and respond appropriately to any information requests from law enforcement and other governmental entities for information related to any Office 365 online services, including Skype for Business.