Protect your VCS-Solution worldwide and around the clock!

Global Service for Visual Collaboration Systems

Protect your VCS-Solution with our On-Site Services - worldwide and around the clock!

Tired of wating for replacement units? Not with UC Point's Global On-Site Service!

Communication in the modern world

Are all of your customers, partners and colleagues in the same city? The chances are very high that you will be able to answer this question with „No“. Are all of your customers, partners and colleagues in one country? This question can be probably answered with „No“, too. Nowadays, we are constantly connecting with people all over the world – modern communications solutions like Skype for Business make this easily and quickly possible. Visual Collaboration Systems (= VCS) go a step further here. Instead of investing in expensive and time consuming business travel you can now schedule a live meeting within a few seconds to exchange information with each other directly. Likewise, you can also boost your productivity on-site. In short: VCS raise your communications to the next level!

All the more reason to make sure your corporate communications are protected against failures – with UC Global On-Site Services!

Fast & Reliable

Time consuming and frustrating RMA processes are a thing of the past – thanks to UCP GOS and the high Service Level Agreements!

At your place

We support you during a hardware defect – on-site and around the world. We have your back!

Transparent and fair

You are being transferred from one person to the next without significant results? Not with UCP GOS! We provide you with a single point of contact!

UCP GOS is available all over the world!

Worldwide and around the clock

Experiencing issues with your Skype Room System in the United States? Not a problem thanks to UCP GOS! Just let us know and we will coordinate the fast and successful exchange of the hardware, including configuration and setup. Furthermore, it is more common today for companies to have multiple locations around the world - resulting in different customs and regulations that must be followed. It is easy to loose the overview of which documents are needed for a smooth import of your hardware, thereby causing further delays. But not with UCP GOS! Thanks to our many years of experience in providing UCC support we know the specifications and requirements of customs authorities worldwide and we can handle all relevant communication with customs authorities to ensure a quick delivery.

We handle all communications with the relevant authorities for you!

Transparent Service

Nothing is worse than being left in the dark.

When you are experiencing a defect with your VCS, it is very important to be informed know what steps are being taken as well as their current status. Surely you can agree from past experience that being passed from one person to another and failure of vendors to take ownership has left you with confusion and chaos. With UCP GOS those unpleasant experiences are a thing of the past.

Let us be your single point of contact for all stakeholders and coordinate the smooth exchange of your VCS. We will keep you in the loop during the entire exchange process.

Transparency and diligence are key to ensure a successful exchange!

With UCP GOS, UC Point is the Single Point Of Contact for all stakeholders!

Overall On-Site Service

With Visual Collaboration Systems, the different components must be carefully aligned to ensure high quality performance and provide you with the best meeting experience possible. If, for example, one of the speakers has a defect, it will not only be exchanged by within your Service Level Agreement.

One of our experienced Field Engineers we will perform appropriate tests and calibrations to ensure the smooth functionality and optimal performance of you VCS.

UCP Global On-Site Service at a glance!

Turn down unnecessary costs and stress!

Are you tired of struggling with complex RMA processes and loosing valuable time and money in result? Are you repeatedly annoyed about the fact that neither your vendor nor the manufacturer will assume a clear responsibility of the defect and you get stuck in a blame game? Get in touch with us today so we can evaluate an optimal concept for Global On-Site Services for you!

We look forward to you!