UCP Global On-Site Service is the complement piece for excellent service!

Global On-Site Service

Support for your UCC-Solutions - worldwide, around the clock and on-site!

Are you worried about expired maintenances, stress or a chaotic coordination within replacement processes? Try UCP Global On-Site Service!

Service from a single source

Does this sound familiar to you? You experience a defect in one of your systems and a replacement unit has to be organized as soon as possible. This shouldn’t be a problem! The system is still under maintenance and with a call to your vendor an exchange can be easily scheduled.Theoretically. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different:The first call in many cases can already consume a lot of resources. You call your vendor and he refers you to the manufacturer. From there, your case is transferred from one department to the next until you can convince a representative that he is responsible for the exchange. Your vendor promises a rapid delivery. A few weeks later, you finally receive the much-needed replacement unit.

Such a situation as described above doesn’t need to happen! With our Global On-Site Service (= GOS) you will receive the one-stop service for your UCC-Solution – worldwide, around the clock and on the spot!

Reduce downtime

Guaranteed Service Level Agreements with Global On-Site Services ensure you have minimum downtimes.

Our SLAs are valid worldwide and extensive waiting periods for spare parts is finally a thing of the past!

Easy management

Don’t submit another ticket until to find out your service contract has expired? With UCP GOS we ensure comfortable management of the maintenance contracts and make sure that no contract expires unnoticed.

Unique assignment

Rather than being transferred from one person to the next, with UCP GOSyou know your dedicated representative. We will handle the communications with distributors, partners and manufacturers for you – including customs authorities and shipping companies!

UCP GOS is available around the world!

Worldwide and around the clock

Experiencing issues with your Skype Room System in the United States? Not a problem thanks to UCP GOS! Just let us know and we will coordinate the fast and successful exchange of the hardware, including configuration and setup. Furthermore, it is more common today for companies to have multiple locations around the world - resulting in different customs and regulations that must be followed. It is easy to loose the overview of which documents are needed for a smooth import of your hardware, thereby causing further delays. But not with UCP GOS! Thanks to our many years of experience in providing UCC support we know the specifications and requirements of customs authorities worldwide and we can handle all relevant communication with customs authorities to ensure a quick delivery.

Preparation - Coordination - Execution - Success. The four steps to succeed with UCP GOS.

Four steps to success!

With UCP GOS long exchange processes are a thing of the past! We support you from the moment you detect a hardware problem through to the successful exchange and implementation all in four simple steps: Once you have notified us about the defect, we collect all necessary product and contact information to start with the coordination of the spare unit. We carefully consider local requirements and handle the communication and synchronization with stakeholders. Then we perform the replacement of the hardware on-site including configuration and testing. And to ensure a positive overall experience for you we clarify any open questions in the fourth and final phase.

In short: Fast and worldwide on-site support with the highest level of customer service!

UCP GOS increases the user satisfication!

Great benefits from a strong service

Having a dedicated representative will save you a lot of time and frustration during technical outages. Our certified experts will help you competently and quickly – worldwide.

The goal is to avoid complications and to ensure a smooth exchange for all parties involved. Relevant stakeholders are kept up to date to prevent unpleasant repercussions and improve the overall customer experience – especially for the end users in your company.

Finally, long and nerve-racking delays are a thing of the past!

Available for your UCC-Solution!

Our Global On-Site Service is available worldwide for Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions. Whether you are dealing with a normal hardware defect or a DoA (“Dead on Arrival”) – we will support you. With UCP GOS hardware is quickly exchanged! In addition, our UCP GOS can be combined with our excellent Worldwide Premier Support and the award-winning UCP RAP so you can rest easy knowing that are no gaps in the support services for your systems. We a here for you!

24x7 - Worldwide - For You!

UCP GOS at a glance

Turn down unnecessary costs and stress!

Are you tired of struggling with complex RMA processes and loosing valuable time and money in result? Are you repeatedly annoyed about the fact that neither your vendor nor the manufacturer will assume a clear responsibility of the defect and you get stuck in a blame game? Get in touch with us today so we can evaluate an optimal concept for Global On-Site Services for you!

We look forward to you!