We Support. You Suceed. With our UCP Care Maintenance!

UCP Care Maintenance

Global Maintenance from UC Point to protect your UCC-Hardware - based on our excellent 24/7-Support!

Worried about your UCC-Security? Not with UCP CAM!

Prevent UCC-Failures

For Unified Communications in an OnPremise- and a Hybrid-Environment a technical basis is necessary. Terms as Gateway, Survivable Branch Appliance (= SBA) or Session Border Controller (= SBC) are certainly well known to you. Especially here a good hedge is essential! Just imagine what would be the consequences of a long-term failure of your gateway for your company? Your employees could not make calls, attend conferences or exchange simple files directly with each other over days, weeks or – at worst – even months!

Your business at standstill. A nightmare – but that must not happen!

To counteract the enormous economic damage in advance, a good coverage fort he UCC-Hardware is necessary. With the UCP Care Maintenance (= UCP CAM) you have exactly that coverage – worldwide and around the clock!


With UCP CAM the replacement unit for a technical defect will be delivered within a previously agreed time frame – worldwide and around the clock! All necessary steps will be performed by us in the background for you.


UCP CAM allows you to access to the latest firmware, updates and patches. You don’t need to be afraid of vulnerabilities which could gain access to third parties in your UCC-Environment without permission.


Our SLAs are not just vague and estimated times but a specification that you can rely on! You find an experienced and reliable partner for your UCC-Support in UC Point. We are currently supporting sites in more than 50 countries worldwide!

UCP Care Maintenance is available all around the world!

Worldwide and around the clock

Your Gateway in the United States has a defect? No problem thanks to UCP CAM!

Experiencing issues with your Skype Room System in the United States? Not a problem thanks to UCP GOS! Just let us know and we will coordinate the fast and successful completion of the exchange of the hardware, including configuration and setup. Furthermore, it is more common today for companies to have multiple locations around the world - resulting in different customs and regulations that must be followed. It is easy to loose the overview of which documents are needed for a smooth import of your hardware, thereby causing further delays. But not with UCP GOS! Thanks to our many years of experience in providing UCC support we know the specifications and requirements of customs authorities worldwide and we can handle all relevant communication with customs authorities to ensure a quick delivery.

UCP Care Maintenance Expedited

With our Expedited Maintenance you have the essential support for your UCC-Devices. This service grants you fixed SLAs for hardware exchanges.

Additonally, you have access to the latest updates, patches and bug fixes. Worries about possible security issues belong to the past.

UCP Care Maintenance Expedited - including fixed SLAs for hardware exchanges.
UCP Care Maintenance Priority - including SLA+ with agreed exchange times, updates and patches!

UCP Care Maintenance Priority

Our Priority Maintenance is for companies which need a replacement unit as fast as possible. UCP Care Maintenance Priority includes all benefits and features of the Expedited Maintenance and furthermore an extended SLA.

UCP Care Maintenance Priority Plus

You can't effort to wait for a spare unit? No problem with our UCP CAM Priority Plus!

Included in this service you will find an on-site spare device which is identical to your productive device. This means that you can replace a defective part immediately! Of course Priority Plus offers all benefits of Expedited and Priority.

UCP Care Maintenance Priority Plus for the highest requirements including an on-site spare!
UCP Care Maintenance at a glance.

Turn down unnecessary costs and stress!

Are you tired to struggle with complex RMA processes and to thereby lose valuable time and money? Are you annoyed again every time about the fact that neither your vendor nor the manufacturer will assume a clear responsibility and this results in a blame game? All this has not to be! Get in touch with us so that we can evaluate the optimum concept for our Global On-Site Services for you together today.

We look forward to you!