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We can help you pinpoint sources of interference in your network!

Network Administrators have been put under enormous pressure to ensure a reliable VoIP-Quality. UC Point can assist you!

Ever since companies have started using VoIP Services such as Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync, network administrators have been placed under a lot of pressure. This is mainly due to the fact that problems with real-time communications are met with little tolerance from end users – if any. While a slower internet connection may be somewhat feasible, poor audio/ video quality and dropped calls are not.

According to a leading industry study from Statista (June 2015) 70-75% of VoIP quality issues are rooted in the IP network and not in the communication services themselves. UC Point’s award-winning network analysis uncovers leading reasons for poor network performance so you can boost the overall quality of your Skype for Business communications. UC Point provides an unparalleled view into your network performance by offering two options for network quality analysis:


This one-time analysis is particularly effective for companies struggling to identify network (VoIP) quality issues during operating hours. In a matter of only a few weeks, UCP DNA can identify the root cause of poor quality during Skype for Business calls and help companies understand and optimize their network environment.


This 24x7 network check of the Enterprise Voice environment proactively reports critical variances around the clock – even to the point of automatically initiating an incident notification. UCP DNA365 is well-suited for companies looking to continuously monitor the quality of their VoIP calls to maintain exceptional performance. Even for companies at the beginning of their Skype for Business roll out network quality analysis is an important consideration. Successful end user adoption and satisfaction with real-time communications relies heavily on the quality and performance of these new services in the network.

UC Point offers two solutions: UCP DNA and UCP DNA365
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Dynamic Network Analysis - UCP DNA

With UCP DNA and UCP DNA365 we find the root cause of your VoIP issues and boost the overall quality of your Skype for Business calls immediately!