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UC Point offers the best 24/7 monitoring solution for networks supporting Skype for Business

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Every company runs on a network. In recent years the complexity and traffic of the network have steadily increased and data transmission has become more sophisticated to allow for real-time communication. VoIP, video- and conferencing services with Skype for Business have become an integral part of doing business.

The growing popularity of mobile computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have multiplied the array of devices that rely on a company’s network on a daily basis. In addition, user expectations are higher than ever. Virtual Skype for Business environments that do not include a monitoring or troubleshooting solution put IT Managers and Administrators in front of a major challenge.

It is therefore crucial that IT departments utilize holistic monitoring solutions to manage their decentralized network.

Key features of holistic monitoring solutions should include the following:

Capacity Planning

Companies have to be aware of the overall utilization of their network at all times to avoid crucial failure points and provide new services and technologies in a timely manner.

Operational Management

The respective requirements of end users and applications have to be consistently met. IT Managers in turn require visibility in the current and trend usage of network in local and remote locations.


A network outage can be time consuming and costly. In the event of an outage, network and help desk engineers rely on dedicated tools to support troubleshooting and error resolution to quickly bring the network back online and avoid extensive downtime.

User Adoption

The success of any new technology is contingent upon the users internalizing its application in their day to day business. In order to ensure a smooth transition, it is essential to have meaningful tools to understand and drive end user adoption.

Network Monitoring has to grant several features - which UC Point can offer!

Get to know the 24/7 monitoring solution from UC Point:


With the UCP RAP worldwide remote monitoring for Skype for Business is fast, easy and secure! An engineer does not have to go on-site for maintenance purposes which leads to great savings of the travel costs. Even more, failure times can be reduced to up to 30 minutes. This is the fastest recovery on the UCC-market.