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Simple Cloud Solution

A new level of UCC Management

The idea is simple: We help you aggregate and assess highly complex data so you can maximize your Enterprise Voice experience.

From UC Point designed for Skype for Business

Simple and Quick Install

UCP RAM is a cloud service. It only takes approximately 3 minutes to install the software in your network. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

UCP RAM at a glance

Identify Critical Issues Directly

Global & Secure Access

Quick & Easy Installation

Guaranteed Data Security

Your security is our top priority! We exclusively work with real time data and ensure top-of-the-line data security during transmission. And you can verify at any time how your sensitive data is being sanitized and masked at the source because earning your trust is important to us.

Example for Call Type Summary

UCC Management at its Best

Thanks to the UCP RAM you can now identify critical conditions of Media Gateways, SBA’s and SBC’s early on and respond before they cause a major outage. In addition, you will know which Skype for Business features are most commonly used and you can encourage optimum user adoption. Find further information in our product flyer.


Example for Overview of Time Diagram
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