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Managed Office 365 Services

The rising demand for flexible work arrangements and a modern workplace are forcing industries and enterprises to re-think the ways they are organizing their business units and communication structures. Connectivity and productivity are expected from any place, any time as employees rarely work from the same office or in the same time zone as the rest of their team. Coined as "the workplace of the future", agile tools provide the necessary integration and flexibility to remain productive on the road. With Office 365, Microsoft offers a full-feature tool kit that bundles productivity tools for a structured workday - more precisely, a combination of cloud services and applications for effective communication and collaboration.

As a cloud-based service, Office 365 is specifically designed for team collaboration and allows users to save, share, edit, and access documents across end-user and mobile devices. In addition to the well-known office tools such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, users can also access communication and collaboration solutions such as Skype for Business/Teams or the cloud storage solution OneDrive.

However, deciding in favor of the right communication and collaboration platform is only the very first step. It`s also about keeping the environment as a whole healthy and up and running. With this, the rise of Managed Cloud Services is inevitable as the industry transitions from the traditional hosting world to a more cloud based world.

Our Managed Office 365 services provide an ideal solution for enterprises seeking to move their business to the cloud. Whether you are just looking to selectively outsource a specific part of your IT systems or migrate your entire infrastructure into a flexible platform, we can help. Our services are designed to fit your needs and to boost overall productivity and ROI at minimal costs.

Managing your unified working experience with our end-to-end services

We support companies in finding the Office 365 plans that are right for them and integrating Office 365 into their existing IT and communications infrastructures. With our expertise we not only support the deployment and operation of the IT environment, but start by accompanying our customers from the dawn of their cloud-strategy and paving the way for seamless communication and collaboration in Office 365.

Your Value

Reduced Complexity

  • Ease the burden of management and administration on IT
  • Decrease resources required & give back time for more strategic tasks
  • Provided by one vendor, single point of contract

Optimized Resources

  • Services run optimally ensuring users have access to the apps they need
  • Continuous monitoring ensures healthy services
  • Issues are resolved quickly if they occur

Modern Solutions

  • Constant application updates and patches
  • Unlock the true benefits of cloud
  • An IT solution that keeps pace with your business

We manage your Office 365 end-to-end – for carefree communication & collaboration

Are you ready to take your cloud experience to the next level?

Free-up time and entrust Microsoft licensing, contracts, or billing to a trusted partner and experience full premium managed services to keep your Office 365 infrastructure up and running at any time.

As a partner of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program we live and breathe Microsoft technologies to accelerate the Office 365 ambitions of our clients. We understand the cloud technology in its depth and with this, we provide maximum flexibility with full Office 365 end-to-end services from a single source. This begins with a comprehensive discussion of which Office 365 scenarios fit perfectly for your company, right up to the migration of on-premises to the cloud, as well as, support thereafter. As a direct partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we can better respond to your individual needs offering a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need for a successful start in the cloud and long-term use of Office 365.

Experience our one-stop shop Office 365 services: consulting, deployment, support and billing of licenses directly from UC Point - tailored to your needs.

Our Managed Office 365 Services at a glance

Initialization & Setup

  • Risk and configuration assessment
  • Risk mitigation and reconfiguration
  • Set policies and policy control (SIAM, retention, storage, site collections, etc.)
  • Optimize Azure and Voice Messaging usage


  • Configuration management that serves specific business needs
  • Office 365 tasks (e.g. Exchange Online, Skype for Business, Azure Directory Identity Management)
  • App management tasks
  • Voice Messaging management tasks
  • Update/patch management
  • Performance tuning

Reconfiguration & Update Management

  • 7/24/365 Customer Support
  • Daily system health monitoring and management
  • Proactive monitoring and response
    SIAM: Security, Access, and Identity Management

Application Management

  • Daily application and health monitoring
  • Integration support and remediation
  • Restoration of application performance and display

Data Administration

  • Data compliance and assistance

Storage, Backup & Recovery

  • Plan, policy, administration

Issue Management

  • Proactive and reactive issue identification, triage, remediation, response, and reports

Crisis Planning & Management

  • Strategic plan, tactical implementation protocols, and periodic testing