All-IP Transformation

Taking You from ISDN to IP – Smooth, Reliable and Cost-Effective

All-IP Transformation Services by UC Point

The future lies in data and technology. By the end of 2018, major telecommunications providers will migrate their fixed-network technology to new IP-based system landscapes. For many companies this change will no-doubt require a mandatory transition from existing ISDN connections to all-IP networks.

Going forward, all fixed-network services (telephony, TV, mobile telephony and Internet) will be operated via IP technology and, thus, one single network. This technological step is paving the way for a new form of modern working. All-IP - the network for all - enables limitless communication and collaboration, from any location and any device.

Here at UC Point we want to help bring your business to an all-IP landscape smoothly and without interruptions. Get to know our extensive consulting services. Benefit from new services and intelligent communication solutions. Whether you are looking to replace your old telephone system, connect your ISDN or migrate to the cloud - with our 20 years of experience in national and international Enterprise Voice and Conferencing projects we can help you master the right planning and deployment strategy for your ALL-IP transformation.

• Faster Data Exchange
• Flexible & Scalable Resources
• Excellent Voice Quality (HD Voice)
• New Revenue Streams

• Reduced Power Consumption
• Reduced Maintenance Costs
• Future-Proof Technology
• Improved Reachability

ONE Network for Your Entire Corporate Communication

The future belongs to All-IP! Our smooth migration approach allows you a trouble-free transition from ISDN to all-IP! We focus on the most efficient and resource-savvy migration possible – tailored to your individual needs.

Choose from our different service options!

Reinstallation of an IP Telephone System

IP Telephony via IP PBX

  • Installation of a new IP PBX (IP PBX) & direct connection to the IP network of your provider (SIP trunking)
  • Optionally purchase your own system or opt for managed services from UC Point with hardware equipment via our exclusive partner AudioCodes

Upgrade Your Existing ISDN Telephone System

SIP Trunking for Your ISDN System

  • IP trunking for ISDN systems that already have a SIP-capable IP interfac
  • Option to bundle a large number of individual IDSN lines on a SIP connection line

ISDN System Without IP Interface

  • Continue to operate your ISDN system via Session Border Controller (external gateway), which converts your ISDN PSTN signal into an IP signal
  • You existing system can still be used at the SIP / IP connection as well with hardware equipment via our exclusive partner AudioCodes

IP Telephony & Conferencing from the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud

  • Convert your PSTN system landscape to cloud-based services (e.g. Microsoft Office 365 - Teams / Skype for Business)
  • Plan, deploy and maintain video conferencing solutions (e.g. Skype Room Systems)
    Include Managed Services for your Enterprise Voice & Conferencing infrastructure

Our All-IP Services at a Glance - Experience All-IP migration services from a single source: consulting, deployment, managed services and hardware directly from UC Point - tailored to your every need.


  • Define decision making process and success criteria
  • Define and confirm use cases
  • Review current state architecture
  • Blueprint desired state architecture


  • „Smooth Migration“ approach
  • Roll-out and execution
  • PoC testing
  • Review success criteria
  • Utilization and workload testing


  • Managed Services
  • Health Monitoring
  • Proactive Break-Fix Services
  • Rapid Response for major incidents
  • Updates, patches, advisories and asset management
  • Global Onsite Management

Flexible Solutions for Your Intelligent All-IP Transformation

As a Microsoft partner, we work together with the best partners to bring you leading-edge components, including communication hardware, conferencing systems and end user peripheral devices. For example, AudioCodes offers a wide range of innovative voice products and voice solutions, high voice quality, seamless interoperability and high reliability.

With UC Point backing you up you can easily plan, deploy and operate unified communication and collaboration technologies within your company. Take advantage of the premium services we have to offer to ensure a seamless digital collaboration and communication experience in your organization.

Trust a Reliable Partner - Choose us!

  • Always one step ahead in bringing next-gen technologies to our customers & providing massive cost savings and efficiency advantages
  • Leading provider of enterprise voice and cloud services
  • Vast industry experience in planning, running and operating complex UCC projects

  • Holistic approach with certified end user devices, applications, and infrastructure solutions (on-premises, hybrid, cloud)
  • Professionalism, quality and cost-conscious approach
  • Roll-out support and continuous monitoring, individual support and 24/7 availability