Boost Your Efficiency with our Customer Service Bots

Fully customizable, tailored to your individual needs

Automating your first-level support unveils tremendous opportunities to save costs and improve productivity and efficiency. When implementing Microsoft bot technology, you will be able to better qualify incoming “no-brainer” and “low-brainer” support inquiries and free-up help desk members to work on more intensive tickets. This not only reduces costs and time consumption but also re-defines user support methods to provide faster solutions and better experiences.

Furthermore, self-learning bots help to improve the usage of your internal knowledge resources. Most often, people do not even know about the complexity of your knowledge resources already available and how easy they can get the answers to all of their questions. Bots help bridge knowledge gaps and support you in bringing internal wikis, document inventories and manuals to your employee`s and customer`s attention.

Your Value

Become an early adopter by unlocking the power of Artificial Intelligence in your company

  • Increase usage of your own internal knowledge database by bringing knowledge resources to your customer`s and employee`s attention
  • Free-up employees completing manual tasks so they can focus on more complex requests
  • Reduce phone calls by shifting support conversations from phone to chat
  • Decrease the number of service tickets by establishing a self-service system

Our Approach

Let us be your partner to help you discover and exploit new cost and efficiency potentials by using new technologies

  • Efficient and direct communications
  • Automated content distribution
  • Continuous system optimization and improvements through self-learning algorithms and cognitive services
  • Easy integration into a web page as a chat entry and application with Skype / Skype for Business and Cortana
  • Bundled with Full Service Premium Support to ensure seamless operations
  • Fully customizable
  • Highly scalable payment offers

Because we do not simply provide the technology but also offer holistic consulting services including set-up support (planning bot integration, business process analysis of your helpdesk) and maintenance services, we pave the way for you – our customer – to adopt technology at a very early stage.

Pioneering if you wish. Let us help you maximize your ROI and develop new use case scenarios.


Discover your bot potential – define the perfect environment

  • Analyzing, planning and creating of business cases
  • Defining needs, target groups, functionalities and KPI`s
  • Creating project plans, time maps
  • Assigning responsibilities


Implement individual bot services – tailored for your needs

  • Set-up of bot framework
  • Implementing communications set-up
  • Set-up of dynamic, self-learning response algorithms
  • Integrating internal and external libraries and documentaries
  • Comprehensive testing


Keep-up streamlined operations – ensure ongoing high-quality communications

  • Ensuring a reliable system up and running
  • Continuous optimization & monitoring of operations
  • Hosting & premium maintenance services