Easy integration, qualified answers and self-learning algorithms

How do UC Point`s Customer Service Bots Work?

Seamless integration into native communications processes

  • Users submitting a request do not only expect quick help but also seek a direct option to start their communication.
  • Bots drive such scenarios since they can be easily integrated into existing communications structures, e.g. on your website or in Microsoft Teams.
  • With that, users can intuitively continue with their communication without having to leave the environment they are already used to driving user adoption and satisfaction.

Qualified answers for all questions asked by adding value to your internal knowledge resources

  • Whenever a user – customer or employee – has a support inquiry his journey begins directly with a bot (e.g. on your website as a chat using Skype / Skype for Business and Cortana).
  • Simply by typing in a request and asking for help the bot will immediately step in for easy self-resolved questions to provide relevant self-help content, i.e. articles and internal documentaries, that correlates with the questions and keywords entered by the questioner.
  • This new form of real-time communication not only improves usability but also increases the satisfaction of users who now have access to all knowledge resources and can help themselves more quickly.

Ongoing improvements building an intelligent question-response-system

  • The continuous data aggregation in the background is used to illustrate the communications process and to identify and solve knowledge gaps.
  • Built on intelligent self-learning algorithms and cognitive services the bot improves the quality of answers by mastering the content and internal databases and adopting from the way questions are raised and conversations designed.
  • In addition, this learning process is supported by the expansion and specification of your knowledge resources and databases. This optimization also ensures a continuous high user adoption and satisfaction.

Trust a Reliable Partner – Choose Us!

  • Always one step ahead in bringing new technologies to our clients & providing massive cost saving and efficiency advantages
  • Vast industry experience in planning, running and operating complex UCC projects

  • Customized service bot built on state-of-the-art technology
  • Quick implementation based on standardized processes and systems
  • Flexible and dynamic system architecture to enable tailored and individual solutions