Unlock the New Future of Customer Support with Your Individual Service Chatbot

Expedite efficiency and productivity with integrated messaging bots

Companies and corporations are facing the daily challenge of creating relevant content and distributing it to their audience. With the help of chatbots, which are programmable and self-learning programs, a new technology is on the rise that enables direct communication with your users via messaging platforms such as Skype for Business. Chatbots are not just innovative in their technology, they also provide tremendous cost saving potentials and increasing opportunities to improve efficiency. Especially in the field of customer support, the little robots tailored to each enterprise’s need have proven to be extremely cost-effective when automatically answering first-level support customer requests.

We offer tailor-made chatbot services to enterprises that want to streamline costs, speed-up productivity and accelerate their ROI by re-shaping their internal and external communications structures with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Get to know your chatbot still today!

First-Level Customer Support with Advanced Service Chatbot Integrations – Designed by UC Point

In a world of an “always-on”-mentality consumers have changed the way their minds work. With mobile devices providing internet access at anytime and anywhere this has not only changed the consumption of media and online information but also the way consumers want to be treated by brands and companies when seeking help. Most consumers don`t want to wait, they expect enterprises to provide support and feedback in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

At the same time, internal help desk workers are challenged by an overload of incoming requests that are very trivial but take up more and more time to process because employees do not use self-help support material and instead call IT support and trigger an entire ticketing process.

Benefit from the advantages of your individual chatbot

Accelerate your ROI by reducing your investment costs continuously

Increase productivity by giving time back and reducing the overall support workload

Boost client satisfaction and strengthen brand building through direct and streamlined chat communications