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UC Point Flyer - Information about UC Point

UC Point - Company Flyer

We know what technologies and services will make your business grow! UC Point provides global support services for Skype for Business. We manage your data centers saving you costs and resources. Furthermore, UC Point assists you with troubleshooting to keep you communication on track. Find out more!

UC Point Flyer - Information about UC-Interop

All-IP Transformation - Taking you from ISDN to IP

By the end of 2018, major telecommunications providers will migrate their fixed-network technology to new IP-based system landscapes. For many companies this change will no-doubt require a mandatory transition from existing ISDN connections to all-IP networks. We want to help bring your business to an all-IP landscape smoothly and without interruptions. Get to know our extensive consulting services and benefit from new services and intelligent communication solutions. Find out more!

UC Point Flyer - Information about UC-Interop

UC-Interop - Optimize your conferencing across platforms

Communication and collaboration has become increasingly important in today’s workplace. The greatest challenge in modern communications is the integration across different devices, platforms and conferencing pro-grams. UC Point now offers the only cloud-based managed conferenc-ing interoperability service in Europe for Skype for Business Online, On-Premise, and Hybrid solutions. Find out more in the official product flyer or Find out more!

How to maximise productivity and ROI with SOF

Skype for Business Cloud PBX - Maximize productivity

Shifting to the cloud requires rethinking of how customers and partners plan, deliver and operate Skype for Business (Online). We at UC Point can help you to better understand Skype for Business Online, as well as, how to correctly plan, deploy and manage the environment. Find out more!

UC Point Flyer - Information about UCP Managed Services

UCP Managed Services for Skype for Business

Are you aiming to maintain a consistently high level of availability and service quality of your Unified Communications & Collaboration solution without rising costs? We can help you manage the complexity of your data centers and simultaneously free up resources within your company. Our Managed Communication Services can save you up to 40% of your operational IT costs. Find out more!

UC Point Flyer - Information about UCP Global On-Site Services

UCP Global On-Site Services for Video Collaboration

Are all of your customers, partners and colleagues in the same city or at least country? The chances are very high that you will be able to answer this question with „No“. Nowadays, we are constantly connecting with people all over the world. Thanks to Visual Collaboration Systems (= VCS) global communication is not a tough challenge anymore. In short: VCS raise your communications to the next level! All the more reason to make sure your corporate communications are protected against failures – with UC Global On-Site Services! Find out more!

UC Point Flyer - Information about UCP Support Services

UCP WPS - 24/7/365 Worldwide Premier Support

Are you satisfied with how your UC environment is maintained? Try our Worldwide Premium Support Service. We can provide 24/7 support for Skype for Business and Skype Room Systems with certified engineers and best-in-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs). You can choose exactly what level of service tailors to your needs. Let us provide you with recommendations on the system availability and response times that would be most suitable for you. hFind Oere!

UC Point Flyer - Information about UCP DNA365

UCP DNA365 - Prevention is key!

Stop searching for the needle in the haystack! Eliminate audio & video call quality issues, as well as, disruptions in your Skype for Business services. Our permanent network analysis can identify the source of interference in your network around the clock – 365. DNA 365 can point towards the root causes and help increase the overall quality of your Skype for Business calls. Find out more!

UC Point Infographic - Video Conferencing

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing becomes a more and more important part of the daily communication within international companies. It saves money by lowering the travel costs, increases the productivity and has many advantages over the classic audio communication. Find out more in our Video Conferencing Infographic.

UC Point Infographic about the advantages of remote work for your employees.

Advantages of Remote Working

While technology keeps improving and getting more efficient it's time to think through the working processes itself. Is it necessary to let your employees work at a specific location to achieve great results? No! With Remote Working your employees can work everywhere at every time and you will benefit from the advantages of it. See the impact of Remote Working in the infographic.

UC Point Infographic - Benefits and advantages of Uniified Communications for your employees.

Advantages of Unified Communication

Unified Communication offers you the chance to improve the complete way of communication within your company. Employees in different countries can directly talk to each other and share documents and presentations like they would be in the same location. Short messaging, desktop sharing and many other features will lower your expenses enormously! Interested in Unified Communications? Take a look at the infographic.