Your career at UC Point (a SoftwareONE company)

In our opinion, job postings are one-sided communication. That doesn’t suit us; which is why you’d be searching for them in vain at our company!

Whether we have a position to be filled or not, we’d really like to hear from you. We want to get to know you and the basis shouldn’t be an advertisement, because you have your own interesting personality and your own outstanding set of skills. You are not a number that we want to match to a job ad. Show us what you’ve got! We want to find out whether we can build a common future together. Let’s get to know each other, and not because we’ve posted a job ad, but because you are enthusiastic about Unified Communications & Collaboration and want to make a difference and contribute something to this field, and because you’re as unique, flexible and open-minded as we are.

Become an insider at UC Point & SoftwareONE

At flexible entry times we extend our global team. We’d be pleased to show you what defines us as an employer and what we have to offer, including several distinguishing awards we have received for our vibrant team and people-oriented organization.

Initiate a conversation with us and, true to our 24/7 motto, you’ll hear from us very soon.

UC Point is the winner of the Jobvoting 2014 - Best Employer
UC Point is listed as a top-company at kununu