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Find out how we successfully supported our clients with various communication and collaboration tasks.

SMART Technologies Inc

“As a specialist in renewable energies, sustainability is particularly important to us. In order for our company to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, we have also been looking for a sensible communication and collaboration solution for our workforce. With UC Point, the UC division of SoftwareONE, we have found an extremely competent partner. Together, we have developed a fitting UC concept and are implementing this step by step. During this ongoing engagement, it has been the international expertise in our global roll-out from UC Point that we have benefited from the most. Our employees around the world have successfully adopted the new communication features ranging from Skype for Business to the SmartDock video conferencing system. BayWa r.e. as a company now not only stands for `r.e.think energy`, but also for `r.e.think the workplace`."

- Dr. Nils Schumacher, Head of IT at BayWa r.e.

Polycom AG Logo

“Promoting the German language and culture in 98 countries worldwide, it is essential for our work to use simple and efficient communication solutions. At Goethe-Institut, we plan to deploy Skype for Business globally at our more than 150 locations and, if possible, include Enterprise Voice. With UC Point, the UC division of SoftwareONE, we have found a competent, reliable and strategically important partner for our project, which supports us in all matters related to the planning and operation of the global rollout of Skype for Business as a central communication solution.”

- Ludwig Eggersdorfer, Group Leader IT Infrastructure (worldwide) / Computer Center at the Goethe-Institut

SMART Technologies Inc

“Especially during times of crisis, communication has to be quick. But in our daily work to combat hunger, we need cross-border and short and, above all, reliable lines of communication that can also be used on the move. Skype for Business has convinced us with its rich features and the simplicity of easily setting up and hosting audio and video meetings anytime, anywhere. With UC Point, we found a very competent partner who not only knows the Microsoft product range very well, but also scored from the start with a strategy tailored to our needs."

- Linda Szelag, IT Director

Polycom AG Logo

“Technological development does not stand still. Today, customers are searching for cross-platform solutions to support their enterprise-wide communication and collaboration goals. They also do not want to replace existing solutions for video conferencing, which often required substantial investment, but combine them with Office 365 and Skype for Business. Because of incompatible interfaces and inconsistent standards between different vendors this is not an easy task. We now offer an easy, cost-saving and worldwide certified solution: the cloud-based interoperability service from UC Point.”

- Jens Brauer, Vice President CEMEA at Polycom AG

SMART Technologies Inc

“In an effort to communicate quickly and accurately in all areas at VIRZ in the future, we want to build on flexible communications services that are not tied to fixed locations. We are addressing exactly these requirements in the joint implementation of our Cloud Communication project with UC Point. We also want to inspire our members and encourage them to learn about rising opportunities through cloud services and how to adopt them within their organizations."

- Hartwig Bazzanella, Chairman

SMART Technologies Inc

“UC Point is leading in offering worldwide support services – and rightfully so! The know-how of their specialists well exceeds Skype for Business, Media Gateways, and Session Boarder Controllers. UC Point is even capable of considerably reducing Microsoft’s suggested average time-to-solution for Enterprise Voice issues. This is a major improvement that our enterprise customers should benefit from. This is why we have introduced new support services and are working closely with UC Point to better serve our customers.”

- Scott Brown, President Enterprise

Deloitte & Touche GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

"Deloitte Germany makes continuous efforts to enhance the Skype for Business user experience. Our staff needs productivity tools that enable them to work from virtually anywhere and collaborate both within and outside of the work environment. The Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA) for Skype for Business – VoIP Measurements from UC Point helped Deloitte to understand and optimize our Network environment. We were able to discuss the results with our WAN and SIP Trunk Providers with an external opinion."

- Timm Riesenberg, Senior Manager & Technology Advisory

Paul Hartmann AG

"We had been searching for a unified communications solution for some time, but our heterogeneous infrastructure created a challenging task. Fortunately, Microsoft recommended their Premier Support Lync Partner, UC Point, who is very well versed in complex international Skype for Business/Lync scenarios. The professional planning and backing allowed us to proceed with migrating our entire corporate communications to a hybrid UC solution completely aligned with our requirements."

- Helmut Schleifer, Manager Information Services & Technology Advisory