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CeBIT 2017 – Executive Summary

„The world is being shaped by teamwork & collaboration and growing into one large network. Particularly the next generation of workers demands a new level of flexibility, personal development and fun at work. Modern workplace options such as home office and remote working are thereby becoming an important factor.“ – UC Point on Workplace of the Future

3000 Exhibitors, more than 200 000 professionals and industry experts and thousands of podium sessions – these are the facts and figures from this year’s global event for digital business. The CeBIT 2017 focused on everything digital economy (d!conomy) – from artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet of things and, of course, digital transformation.

UC Point presents “Office to Go”

Exhibit hall 12 was stage center for UC Point during this past week where trade show visitors could dive into the full range of efficient communication products. "Communication & Networks" showcased solutions and services for bandwidth and network technologies, as well as, communication and collaboration infrastructures – a focal point for UC Point. Making communications more agile, flexible and productive was the highlight and motto at our booth. More and more companies are discovering new forms of the modern workplace and investing in flexible work options made possible in part by cloud-based office and communications solutions such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 that enable modern collaboration.

Directly across from the Microsoft Skype for Business Partner Pavilion, countless trade show visitors discovered how they can succeed with digital transformation and how a strong partner like UC Point can help. Our key highlights at the exhibit included:

  • UC-Interop – for a seamless connection of conferencing platforms of different providers
  • UCP DNA365 – for a continuous improvement of audio and video conferencing quality
  • Office 365 Workshop – for effective collaboration in the cloud

Live-Interview and Award

Don‘t fear digital transformation! Our expert advice for anyone interested in knowing how easily Unified Communications can be integrated in small and large enterprises: Dietmar Kraume, Director Technology & Pre-Sales talked to the industry expert and co-organizer of the German virtual trade show EOA (Einfach Online Arbeiten), Detlev Artelt. „Modern workplaces help dissolve barriers and bring employees closer together. This type of flexible working requires communications solutions that are easily implemented, such as cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Office 365. We can help every customer find the suitable solution.“

In addition, we were excited to score on and off the field during the week of the CeBIT. For the third consecutive year UC Point has received the IT Innovation Award from the German initiative for small and medium businesses, Initiative Mittelstand. Our interoperability solution, UC-Interop, convinced a jury of subject matter experts in the category “Communication” and continued our 2015 and 2016 ranking of „Best of“.


The future belongs to the modern workplace – as recognized by companies that aim to increase efficiency and productivity while attracting the best employees of the next gen workforce with flexible work structures and options. The selection of UCC solutions is large and not every option is suitable for every customer. The road to digital transformation requires a strong partner that can help navigate the process with competence and experience. Many exciting visitors and conversations that took place at our booth demonstrated that we are on the right track to be a part of actively shaping these technological advances.

UC Point @Cebit