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Microsoft Teams - what is new in there?

Microsoft Teams January Update

Microsoft is working hard to make its new team dashboard the ultimate tool for modern and efficient collaboration. No wonder that in December and January users were already looking forward to a few updates and improvements. Especially the chat and messenger area have experienced some upgrades, which the company announced in its monthly team update. But what all exactly is new? We have summarized all the important changes for you here:

New chat features

  • Simply mark chats with a "like" - it is now possible to like individual messages in the conversation tab
  • Hide chats - you can easily organize and remove chats that you no longer need from your list. But don’t worry, all conversations are stored in your history.
  • Active linking - link important content either directly to your conversation via the appropriate help panel or using the shortcut Ctrl + K

New calling functionalities:

Not only in terms of chat has Microsoft retrofitted teams. Going forward, meetings and calls can be planned and held easier thanks to new calling functionalities that are available to customers with a calling plan.

Teams will support all important calling functions. A "Call" tab in the left menu bar will take you to your call overview, your contacts and your voicemails. With that, you will also be able to:

  • Make calls outside of Teams and Skype for Business
  • Hold, resume and forward calls from people inside and outside of Teams
  • Use other functions such as caller ID masking, extension dialing, multi-call handling, simultaneous ringing, and text telephone (TTY) support

But if that's not enough, Microsoft has also applied these changes:

  • If you have a Skype for Business audio conference license, you can now transfer a current meeting to your phone
  • Attend a meeting via audio conferencing
  • Join a team meeting through your browser or initiate a call in Edge and Chrome.
  • Invite meeting participants outside of your organization to your team meetings (via "Anonymous Join")
  • Use the lobby support for your team meetings
  • Share your screen or request screen transfer
  • Proactively mute meeting participants
  • Only share certain applications of your screen

A detailed description of all the updates can be found here. And if you’re new to Microsoft Teams, we encourage you to read our previous contributions on the planned Skype for Business integration roadmap for Teams. The freshly updated roadmap can be found here.

Are you planning to introduce Microsoft Teams in your company? Let us help you get started the right way with a successful strategy and migration for you and your company!