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All-IP Transformation

Goodbye ISDN – Hello All-IP!

The valediction of ISDN has long begun and the official deadline for the shutdown of the ISDN network is quickly approaching - and not only in Germany! For 2018, Telekom has announced to switch its entire network to All-IP. In other countries - such as Switzerland - the transformation is already in full swing.

Transforming to ONE uniform network for everyone is urgently needed, because even today more and more data is being transmitted in addition to real-time voice and video - and the trend is rising. New business areas such as cloud computing, big data and mobile work will add to increased data streams in the future. A development with which the conventional telephone network can no longer keep pace. While networks use different protocols to deliver voice and data, the complex infrastructure makes it very difficult to set up additional applications, connect new locations, or transfer large amounts of data. A unified technology designed to reduce complexity, facilitate infrastructure management, and provide companies more flexibility in creating their communication structures will pave the way to the new future of work. The basis for this is the Internet Protocol - or IP for short. The transformation from ISDN to All-IP is replacing a more than 100 year-old technology on a journey where everything is becoming digital.

But what does the conversion to All-IP mean for you? Practically, not very much. In lieu of connecting your desk phones with your telephone provider’s network through a socket in the wall, you can now simply use your router and make calls over the internet – and many are already doing so. The effects of the actual changes, however, are felt in the background on the technical side.

But, contrary to popular belief, depending on your specific use cases, it is not necessary to invest in a completely new IP telephone system. This is where you can chose from a variety of options. You decide on how to design your migration from ISDN to All-IP, which services you want to use, and which migration strategy makes sense for your company.

a) Installation of an IP telephone system: Installation of a new IP PBX (IP PBX) & direct connection to the IP network of your provider (SIP trunking)

b) Upgrading your existing ISDN telephone system
• IP trunking for ISDN systems that already have a SIP-capable IP interface
• Continue to operate your ISDN system via a Session Border Controller (external gateway), which converts your ISDN PSTN signal into an IP signal

c) IP telephony & conferencing from the cloud: Converting your PSTN system landscape to cloud-based services (e.g. Microsoft Office 365 - Teams / Skype for Business)

Our smooth migration approach allows you a trouble-free transition from ISDN to All-IP! We focus on the most efficient and resource-savvy migration possible – tailored to your individual needs. Choose from our different service options!

Benefit from new services and intelligent communication solutions. Whether you are looking to replace your old telephone system, connect your ISDN or migrate to the cloud - with our 20 years of experience in national and international Enterprise Voice and Conferencing projects we can help you master the right strategy for your All-IP transformation.